Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Whainga Ako:  Recount an event using an orientation- the 5 w’s.
Paearu Angitu:  Describe the setting with who, what, where and why.

Plan: Going out with Mum

Who: Mum and I
Where: The lake
What: A day out
When: On Friday

On Friday Morning Mum and I Went to the lake.
When we got to the lake Mum and I were sitting
on the sand. I was getting so exhausted so I got
into the lake. When I got into the lake mum started  
to get exhausted too, so mum got into the lake as well. Mum and I played marco polo but it was under the water.Mum and I so bored. I went to the bank so I could Jump off the bank. Mum and I jump off together and we were holding hands.

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