Monday, 30 November 2015

kataraina the game kick

kataraina the game kick
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 Everybody is cheering for me while I was playing the game. I went to go kick the ball but I  missed the goal the ball  came back to me and I kicked it as hard as I could  I got a goal and the crowd when Crazy and Everybody got up and seed yeaha yeaha we in  the Final Cup   cheering for me and my team.Our team won the game  because our  theme  got  More  point and the other team scored Only  50 points.After the game my leg was very sore and Tired   I was Running to fast so  My Teens  Could  get points and i  had to go  the doctors because I kick the ball too hard After I went to the doctors all of my
Team   picked me up and carried me to the rugby Cup I just got home I said I can't wait until the  next  game.  

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Whainga Ako:  Recount an event using an orientation- the 5 w’s.
Paearu Angitu:  Describe the setting with who, what, where and why.

Plan: Going out with Mum

Who: Mum and I
Where: The lake
What: A day out
When: On Friday

On Friday Morning Mum and I Went to the lake.
When we got to the lake Mum and I were sitting
on the sand. I was getting so exhausted so I got
into the lake. When I got into the lake mum started  
to get exhausted too, so mum got into the lake as well. Mum and I played marco polo but it was under the water.Mum and I so bored. I went to the bank so I could Jump off the bank. Mum and I jump off together and we were holding hands.